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Winter activities

From sparkling snow-covered landscapes to freezing adventures under the glow of the northern lights, Gällivare offers a unique winter experience. Explore the crispy winter landscape through snowshoe hikes, ride snowmobiles over frozen lakes, or embark on an unforgettable dog sled ride through the untouched snow-covered forests.

Here in Gällivare, we start the winter season in November, and World Cup skiers from several national cross-country teams make the pilgrimage here to sharpen their form at the Hellner ski stadium. We have fantastic ski tracks here in Gällivare. If you prefer to go downhill, you can choose between 15 different slopes of varying degrees of difficulty on Dundret, our mountain in the middle of town. To reach the top, 823 meters above sea level, you can choose the Dundret Express, the six-chair lift that takes you to the top in less than four minutes.

The winter in Gällivare is long and lovely. During the dark period, there are good chances to see the spectacular northern lights dancing in the sky. To escape the city lights, sit comfortably in a sleigh behind the reindeer or let the strong draft dogs take you far into the wilderness. Or why not put on skis and a headlamp for a ride in the snow-covered winter landscape? The range is vast, from midwinter darkness to sunny spring-winter days.

The spring causes it to spread in the body, and activities such as top tours, snowmobile tours, and ice fishing are popular. Enjoy the sun's warming rays that bring out the first freckles while you grill your sausage over an open fire out on the frozen lake. Warm your hands on the cup from which you drink the famous Lemmelkaffe. The possibilities for winter adventures in Gällivare are endless.


Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or seek quiet in the peaceful winter environment, Gällivare has something unique for anyone who embraces the magic of winter.

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