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Utsikt från Välkommaberget

How do I get there?
Välkommaberget (Välkomma mountain) is located in Malmberget. You can find the path up to the top after the Puoitak road, where you can go by car or bicycle. You can park your car or bike where the road splits into a Y (just before the Blue Lagoon). The last bit to the top (about 2 km) is reached on foot. From the road, a well-trodden but rocky path takes you all the way up to the top.

The walk up to the top is well worth the effort as at your final destination; you have a fantastic view of the entire community, Dundret, the surrounding lakes, and the mountain range to the west. Many are used to seeing Gällivare/Malmberget from Dundret's top, but the view here is just as breathtaking.

Difficulty: medium

Terrain: The last part of the Puiotak road is a bit bumpy. The path up to the top is rocky and uneven, so walk carefully.

Tip: Feel free to bring a water bottle and proper shoes. If you have walking sticks, bringing along the somewhat uneven terrain can be good.

Take care of nature, and take your trash when you leave the place.


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