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Sandvikens friluftsområde

Sandviken's outdoor and swimming area is approximately 2 km west of the center of Gällivare. In Sandviken, in addition to the sandy beach, the fantastic view of Dundret, and sparkling water, there are opportunities for numerous activities.

The area has a volleyball court, an outdoor gym with a connecting motor skills track for children, swings, and a dance floor. There is also a DJ booth here that plays preset loops or music from the user's phone. Up to two phones can play simultaneously and be mixed using various functions in the DJ table.

Sandviken has barbecue areas, long tables, and grassy areas for those who want to enjoy a picnic or perhaps a game of Kubb. The beach attracts many bathers during hot summer days, and the water is very shallow. The car park has two outhouses, one of which is wheelchair accessible.

Behind the car park is a newly built school forest, which also offers barbecue facilities, seating for many, an adventure course, and opportunities for forest play and learning in a natural environment.

A warm welcome to Gällivare's gem, Sandviken!


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