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Nuolajärvi friluftsområde

Near road E10, at the entrance to Gällivare, is Lake Nuolajärvi - a quickly accessible outdoor area for young and old.

How do I get there?
Nuolajärvi is close to the entrance to Gällivare when you come via E10. Parking is available on both the north and south sides of the lake. Of course, you can also walk, cycle, or run here.

It is excellent to get around the entire lake on foot. The distance is then about 3 km. One-half is accessible and also suitable for wheelchairs, prams, and walkers. The other half consists of forest paths with footbridges over the wetter parts. Rest areas with tables, benches, a barbecue, and toilets are available on the lake's north and south sides.

Difficulty: easy
Terrain: a narrow path through the forest, partly paved. The tour is suitable for the whole family
Worth seeing: Mindfulness exercises are set up around the lake along the footbridge/path. Please take the time to experience these.

The release of rainbow trout takes place in June each year, with the fishing premiere on Midsummer Eve. In addition to rainbow trout, there are trout and perch in the lake. Did you get the urge to test your fishing luck? Press here External link, opens in new window. to buy your fishing license online via ifiske.se.

Take care of nature, and take your trash when you leave the place.


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