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Nietsak-Peltovaara mångfaldspark

Drönarbild över Peltovaara Mångfaldspark

Photo: Magnus Eklund/SCA

In SCA's diversity park, Nietsak-Peltovaara (about 3 miles south of Gällivare), you can experience beautiful forest environments with high natural values. There are also exciting cultural values linked to both the Sámi culture and the early tourism in the area. There are several paths for those who want to hike in nature.

The Nietsak-Peltovaara diversity park is on either side of road E45 and covers 3,100 hectares. The majority of the forest is mixed coniferous forests of different ages. At the same time, the hills Peltovaara and Akkavaara are dominated by pine forests on healthy lands that were ravaged by forest fires long ago.

SCA's goal with the park is to preserve and enhance the natural and cultural values found here. For example, they have fallen pine trees to create dead wood to mimic the effects of a forest fire on the trees, clearing trees around an old tar valley and marking different paths. The park has high natural values, and rare species are found here. Among other things, dwarf goblet lichen and Sclerophora have been found. Both are lichens that can hardly be seen with the naked eye.

An exciting place to visit is Abborrträsk, a homestead house from 1757 located next to the lake of the same name. Nietsak-Peltovaara has many relics that connect to the life and culture of the Sámi people in the area. The park also has several marked trails for those who want to go hiking.

Read more about the park and what you can see and do at www.sca.com External link, opens in new window..


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