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Photo: Daniel Olausson / Follow The Light

The Hirvas area has many smaller lakes, hilly terrain, and a mountain with fantastic views! Only 8 km from Koskullskulle, you get a magnificent nature experience in both winter and summer.

How do I get there?
From Koskullskulle, you drive towards Tjautjasjaure, and after approx. 8 km, there is a small exit on the right. It leads into a small gravel parking lot and turnpike at the foot of Hirvsåive. From the car park, you can travel up the low mountain Hirvasåive, along an old service road, to enjoy fantastic views at the top. If you are more interested in the many lakes, you have the first one just a few tens of meters from the parking lot.

Fishing licenses from MKJF can be purchased online at www.ifiske.se External link, opens in new window. or Gällivare Turistcenter. A beautiful spruce forest grows around the mountains, and the hilly terrain creates exciting discoveries behind every crest. Don't miss this fantastic gem!

Difficulty: easy/medium
Terrain: gravel road and forest path with partly steep climbs and rocky terrain.

Take care of nature, and take your trash when you leave the place.


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