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Dundret offers great mountain experiences only 8 minutes from the community. There are hiking trails, top cabins, and views over an eleventh of Sweden's surface. Welcome to let yourself be carried away.

How do I get there?
If you want to take a car to the top, follow the E45 towards Porjus, turn off at the sign "Dundret Toppstugan/Naturreservat," and follow the winding road up to the top (NOTE! This applies in summer; in winter, the road becomes a ski track). It is also good to walk, run, or cycle up. An alternative to this is to go up via the trail that goes via Himlatorget and then park next to Hotel Björnfällan or at the ski resort parking lot.

Distances to walk: The easiest and most accessible route is the one to Åke på toppen-stugan (top cabin). You can go here in the summer with a pram, bicycle and wheelchair. The trip to Hebrotoppen is long and goes along paths or branches. If you want to reach the northern peak, there is an old road to follow. For those with plenty of time and perhaps bring a lunch bag, a trip around all the peaks can be a fun challenge.

Difficulty: easy to medium
Terrain: mountain terrain with a footbridge and gravel path, suitable for the whole family
Worth seeing: from the top, in clear weather, you can see one-eleventh of Sweden's surface and the Kebnekaise massif. You also have a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the midnight sun from here.

Take care of nature, and take your trash when you leave the place.

Gällivare's fantastic home mountain offers an amazing view of the entire community. If the weather is clear, the evening is also perfect for viewing the starry sky and the northern lights. Here, we advise you on a shorter tour that will quickly take you to a bit of altitude.

How do I get there?
You can get here via the parking lot next to Hotel Björnfällan or from the parking lot down by the ski resort. From Himlatorget External link, opens in new window., you follow the crossed trail towards the northern summit. Just above the tree line, the view over Gällivare and Malmberget opens up. You can stay here and enjoy yourself or continue higher up the mountain.

Snowshoes are a fun alternative to skis and help you make your way through the snow. Remember that the daylight hours are few and that having a headlamp/flashlight with you can be good. If you make your trip in the evening and want to look at the stars, we can warmly recommend that you also bring a seat mat to view the sky comfortably. It can also be good to bring a pair of ski poles with you when snowshoeing.

Don't have snowshoes? No problem. Press here External link, opens in new window. to rent a pair.

Difficulty: medium
Terrain: On this tour, you will get your heart rate up as it can be steep in parts. Remember to go at your own pace, and feel free to stop and rest when necessary. The view is worth it.
Worth seeing: We can promise a fantastic view regardless of whether you make your trip during the daylight hours or after dark.

Take care of nature, and take your trash when you leave the place.


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