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Between Koskullskulle and Tjautjasjaure, you will find Djävulsklyftan. A gorge close to urban areas with boulder fields, bogs, and forests with an old character. This is a perfect destination for a day trip!

How do I get there?
Outside Koskullskulle, when you have passed Linaälv and continue toward Tjautjasjaure, there is a small exit road with a barrier on the right. From there, your journey starts on foot or by bike towards the gorge. Continue along the dirt road until you come to the sign marking the path to Djävulsklyftan. The walk along the route takes you over logs and rocks until you finally reach the gorge. (The total distance to walk from the road is about 3 km one way) If you are used to cycling in terrain, getting almost the whole way forward by bike is possible.

Djävulsklyftan is a gorge about 2 km long and 50-100 m wide, with a dramatic and beautiful nature around it. There is a rich plant and animal life in the area for those interested in nature and animals. The path is exciting and challenging to walk as the terrain is varied. At the gorge, you will find a more straightforward barbecue area.

Difficulty: easy/medium
Terrain: gravel road and forest path with partly steep climbs and rocky terrain.

Take care of nature, and take your trash when leaving.


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