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Photo: Kent Wingsund

In October, you can see snowflakes swirling in the air. Before the snow settles on the ground, it's the last chance to find something yummy from nature's pantry. If you have access to a car with winter tires, we can recommend driving up the paved road, Femmanvägen. Once above the city lights, on the way to the top of the mountain Dundret, it is possible to view the northern lights or the starry sky.

In central Gällivare, Kulturfestivalen (Culture Festival) is taking place, which presents the community's history and cultural heritage through numerous performances, vernissages, and film screenings.

During bad weather, it's an excellent opportunity to visit Gällivare Culture Museum. Here, you get an insight into the Sámi heritage and the mining industry that has shaped our society into what it is today. Feel free to hop on the local bus for a comfortable sightseeing tour through the community. The journey takes you to the dismantled mining community of Malmberget in the north and to the Dundret nature reserve in the south.


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