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Photo: Daniel Olausson/Follow the Light

The first actual winter month, which, during its beginning, can offer lovely lakes for skating around Gällivare. The relaxing feeling of Nordic ice skating on a sunny winter's day is hard to beat - remember always to check the thickness before departure and bring ice spikes.

If you would instead climb a little higher to a mountain close to the center, we can recommend the Dundret nature reserve top cabin "Åke på toppen". The terrain varies greatly depending on the season, so hiking boots or touring skis are required.

At the turn of the month, the Christmas market is arranged at Gällivare Hembygdsområde, only a few minutes walk from the city center. The coziness factor between the log cabins and along the market stalls is high; here, there is something for all ages. Shop for locally produced products in crafts and food, ride a horse sleigh, and, of course, you can meet Santa.


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