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Photo: Magnus Winbjörk

May is somewhat the month between seasons. The reindeer calves begin to be born at the end of April and May. It is a sensitive period, and the reindeer must not be disturbed. Around the municipality, we have several rivers that, during this month, have ice discharge. It is the phenomenon where ice floes detach and rush downstream in dramatic forms.

In Gällivare, the cultural event Minoritetsveckan (minority week) is arranged. Gällivare municipality is an administrative municipality for Sámi, Tornedalians and Swedish Finns. Events make these cultures, traditions, and languages visible during the celebration.

During the past decades, the district Malmberget has been dismantled due to mine LKAB's expansion. Many buildings have been moved and rebuilt closer to Gällivare city. Follow the footsteps of urban transformation on your own with the local bus or through guided tours. If you want to deepen your knowledge, we recommend visiting the exhibition RE-form or Gällivare Kulturmuseum.


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