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Photo: Magnus Winbjörk

Experience the arctic cold in Gällivare. Here, the temperature can drop below -30 degrees Celsius, but don't let the cold scare you - nature often offers spectacular shows during the coldest months. The northern lights dance across the sky, creating a magical light show during evenings and nights.

Put on your snowshoes or touring skis and head out to the snow-covered landscape, but remember to bring a headlamp because darkness falls quickly here above the Arctic Circle in January. Stay overnight in a cozy cabin with a crackling fire in the wood stove and listen to the birch trees snapping in the chilly air outside.

Also, experience the recurring cultural event Polarvinternatten, which lights up the city in the winter darkness when local and well-known artists perform. Let Gällivare bring you into a world of contrasts and experiences during January.


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