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Photo: Magnus Winbjörk

Now, downhill skiing makes its real debut for the season. The Dundret Lapland ski resort starts the lifts and can usually stay open until the first of May. During the month, more and more ski slopes open, and the cross-country ski tracks are prepared around Gällivare.

In the central parts, the handicraft shops have gone Christmas mode, and you will find many presents for loved ones. Or why not walk along the Vassara River to the local butchery to purchase local delicacies, such as a piece of dried reindeer meat? If you want to get into the Christmas spirit even more, several Christmas concerts are arranged during the month. For what goes better than drinking warm mulled wine and eating a freshly baked Lucia saffron bun to the sweet singing of the choir?

Between December 21 and 22, the shortest and darkest day of the year occurs, also called the winter solstice. This time is dedicated by many to viewing the northern lights and the starry sky and experiencing the Arctic cold right into the bone marrow.


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