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Photo: Magnus Winbjörk

The summer heat slowly begins to subside, which makes August the most optimal month for long mountain hikes in Sarek and Padjelanta National Park, among others.

For those who like long-distance cycling, Vägen Västerut is perhaps Sweden's most beautiful mountain road. With its dramatic mountain ranges and deep valleys surrounding the road, you've probably seen photographs or television productions of the area at some point. It is estimated to take about seven hours by bike from the exit at road E45 to the end station Ritsem.

In the far north of the municipality, you will find one of Europe's last untouched rivers, The Kaitum River, with its well-known salmon fishing that attracts fly fishermen worldwide. The source flow from Kebnekaise stretches a total of about 15 miles. There are, therefore, good conditions for setting up your tent and fishing on your own or in connection with one of the fishing camps.


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