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Photo: Magnus Winbjörk

Bring sitting mats and shovels because now is the best time during the year to make sun pits. It doesn't matter if you are on a mountaintop or a frozen lake; in good weather, you'll see sun-kissed enjoyers with a cup of hot coffee in one hand and maybe an ice fishing rod in the other. The mountain Dundret's top cabin, "Åke på Toppen," and Lake Nuolajärvi are two excursion destinations close to the center that will add a golden edge to the spring days in Gällivare.

At the foot of the same mountain, on the first Saturday in April, the exercise classic and folk festival Dundret Runt is arranged - a cross-country skiing race of 3 or 5 miles around the Dundret nature reserve.

Beyond the nature reserve, there is a connection to the municipality's snowmobile trails, which stretch 120 miles within Gällivare. The possibilities are endless here: ice fishing, grilling sausages over an open fire, or spending the night in a cabin are just a few examples. For those who want to ride more comfortably, there is also the option of a snowmobile safari around the municipality.


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