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Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Lodge

Well-equipped and easily accessible mountain guesthouse in the middle of Laponia, which, in addition to accommodation, also offers activities and restaurant service.

Ice climbing in Stora Sjöfallet
The ice falls at Stora Sjöfallet are ranked as Europe's fifth best, and from the lodge, you have the perfect starting point to challenge these mighty falls. On the way west towards Ritsem, several classic icefalls include names such as Mjuka lavinkyssar, Greven, or Grevinnan.

Fishing in Stora Sjöfallet
Spring season is an excellent time for ice fishing. Near the national park, several lakes are perfect for fishing during these months. Char, whitefish, trout, and grayling thrive here. Fishing experiences are also possible during the summer.

Rent your kayak from us and paddle out in Lake Langas
Spend the day exploring our unique setting from the lakeside. You can also get close to the Stuormuorkkegärttje waterfall itself. Renting a kayak with us is also a perfect opportunity to get to the other side of Langas to climb one of the peaks. All kayak equipment and life jackets are included.

Northern Lights tour in snowmobile
Surrounded by wilderness and mighty mountain peaks, you travel safely behind the guide's snowmobile in the heated sled with panoramic windows. Because the sleds are heated, you sit comfortably even during the coldest evenings.

Guided summit tours in the world heritage Laponia
Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Lodge offers activities all year round.

Snowshoe hiking and tour-skiing in Stora Sjöfallet
With snowshoes and touring skis, you get to places that are otherwise difficult to access during the winter. Look out for animal tracks and enjoy the silence as you smoothly travel through the snow-covered landspace.

We offer comfortable year-round accommodation in modern rooms or self-catering apartments. If you come with a caravan, mobile home, or tent, we offer campsites with access to service houses.

The restaurant - 1 kilometer
Serves, among other local delicacies, such as elk, reindeer, whitefish, and char.


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