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Karin Niva Event & Support

Karin Niva offers a variety of activities and guided tours all year round.

"We move an entire city" – Guided tour in a world-unique event
Karin Niva takes you from the 17th century up to today and to about the year 2035. You travel through Gällivare, Malmberget, and Koskullskulle and see old historic buildings and houses that have been moved to new residential areas. You see parts of the new Gällivare, such as the new school (Kunskapshuset) and the ice and event arena (Isborgen).

Hiking in the old mining community
Nautanen Join us on a guided tour. We roam around in beautiful nature and feel the wings of history from the former copper mine.

Hiking on the mountain of Dundret
Join me on a leisurely hike on our beautiful mountain, Dundret. From the top of the mountain, near the city, you can see an eleventh of Sweden's surface and the country's highest mountain, Kebnekaise.

"A taste of Gällivare" - Guided walk through the past, present and future
Get an insight into what life looked like a hundred years ago, how it is now, and how it will look in the future.

Private ski lessons, children's ski school, and ski touring at Dundret
The authorized Swedish Ski Instructor Karin Niva has many years of experience with skiing students at all levels. She offers private ski lessons in cross-country skiing, children's ski school in alpine skiing, and touring skiing up on Dundret.


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