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World Heritage Laponia

The World Heritage Laponia, located in the majestic mountain world of Gällivare and Jokkmokk municipality, offers unique experiences all year round.

During early spring, this unforgettable place shows its true beauty and charm. With its vast mountains, glistening blankets of snow, and Sámi culture, Laponia is a must for the adventurous traveler. Visiting this area in the spring offers a unique insight into the changing nature and traditions of the Arctic landscape.

The landscape
The Laponia World Heritage Site covers an enormous area of 9,400 square kilometers within the municipalities of Jokkmokk and Gällivare. The landscape includes the national parks Sarek, Badjelánnda/Padjelanda, Muttos/Muddus, and Stuor Muorkke/Stora Sjöfallet. As well as the Sjaunja/Sjávnja and Stubbá nature reserves.

Dramatic peaks, frozen lakes, and vast mountain plains characterize these areas. During the early spring, the landscape slowly begins to come to life after the long winter, and visitors can experience nature's transition to a new season.

Activities & attractions
Spring in Laponia offers various activities and attractions for all ages and interests. For the adventurous, there are opportunities for snowshoe hiking or tour skiing on frozen lakes and along marked trails.

For those interested in Sámi culture, there is Naturum Laponia, the entrance to the magical world of mountains, valleys, and waterways that make up World Heritage Laponia. With its interactive exhibits and exciting presentations, you gain a deeper understanding of the area's unique ecosystem, rich biodiversity, and the living heritage of Sámi culture.

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