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Gällivare - the summer town

Summer in Gällivare is bright nights, itchy mosquito bites, fishing in fantastic waters, hiking in forests and over mountains, cycling, paddling, and swimming. It's a market, festival, and a "Swedish fika" in the sun. Let us guide you to an unforgettable summer in Gällivare!

Dundret is our local mountain, just 10 minutes from town. It offers outstanding views and activities all year round. During the summer, the mountain is covered in greenery and the perfect place to explore on foot or by bike.

Laponia is our world heritage, with a unique combination of nature and culture in 9,400 square kilometres. You can explore hiking trails through the forest, water, and mountains here. Naturum Laponia is the gateway to the World Heritage, where you can get to know the mountains, forests and mires, and how you can discover the World Heritage on your own.

Our waters, our many lakes and rivers, are excellent for kayaking excursions. The feeling of freedom and closeness to nature is unbeatable when you paddle at your own pace and discover hidden bays and islands.

Summer in Gällivare is not only a time for nature and outdoor activities. It is also a time for culture and events. Take part in festivals and concerts with local artists and musicians, and experience Sámi culture through dance, song, and crafts.

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