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Dundret Runt

The month of April offers fantastic skiing in glorious spring sunshine. The Dundret Runt ski race takes you through ancient forests and endless expanses. Captivated by your gaze are Sarek and Kebnekaise, and perhaps the best thing is that you ski entirely at your own pace. Dundret Runt has distances that suit both small and large, as well as exercisers or competitive skiers.

Background and history
Dundret Runt is not just a ski race but a tradition that has grown strong in Norrland culture. The course stretches around the low mountain and the nature reserve Dundret, known for its alpine skiing. Over the years, the race has become one of Sweden's most prestigious skiing events.

Since its inception in 1965, Dundret Runt has been an exercise race without a time trial, and that tradition has been kept alive. Then, make your way around the low mountain at your own pace; there is no need to rush.

Community and culture
Dundret Runt is not only about competition and performance. It is also a meeting place for people with a shared passion for skiing and nature. During the race, the air is filled with cheers and words of encouragement from spectators, fellow competitors, and officials along the course. The unique feeling of togetherness permeates the entire event.

3 miles
Three miles is an easy-to-ride section mainly along the mires surrounding Dundret with several food and liquid controls, where the first stop offers strengthening reindeer broth.

5 miles
The long course for Dundret Runt is a real challenge. Here the skiers encounter endless mires, heavy climbs, and sucking slopes. In addition to reindeer broth, an emergency feeding is served as blueberry soup and a sports drink.

Dundret Runt 6-7 April 2024

Springs big ski party and classic since 1965, where skiing pleasure is more important than going fast. Ski at your own pace without timing pressure. Choose between going 3 or 5 miles.

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