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Allemansrätten & reindeer knowledge

- not disturb, not destroy

Allemansrätten gives us a unique opportunity to explore and enjoy Sweden's fantastic nature. Here, we can cycle, hike, camp, pick berries, and canoe - provided we respect nature and landowners. This right is extraordinary, and we believe that everyone who loves and cares for nature should be able to experience it.

Specific special rules apply within the World Heritage Lapland, where nature and cultural values are precious. Some areas have more extended public access, while some national parks and nature reserves have certain restrictions. It is essential to keep up-to-date on current regulations and rules. Read more about the world heritage Laponia at www.laponia.nu External link, opens in new window..

Regarding camping on private land, it is allowed for a couple of nights as long as it is not close to plots, arable land or crops. Remember to choose a tent site far from the nearest residence and that you need the landowner's permission to camp for several days or use several tents.

The mountain environments are sensitive and often have limited opportunities to make a fire, so it is best to have your storm kitchen. Last but not least, always take all trash home with you. This is how we continue to preserve our beautiful nature.

Enjoy your stay and take advantage of the opportunity to explore nature with care and consideration.

Essential tips to show respect for the reindeer and the Sámi's work in nature:

  • Avoid disturbing the reindeer unnecessarily, regardless of whether they are stationary or walking.
  • Keep dogs on a lead so they are not perceived as a threat by the reindeer.
  • Sit down and wait when you meet a herd of reindeer or the occasional reindeer during your mountain hike.
  • Choose your tent site carefully and avoid camping in valleys where reindeer gather before calf marking.
  • Respect the reindeer herders' privacy and work by avoiding pitching tents near their huts or cabins.
  • Be aware of black garbage bags hung by the roadside to warn motorists of the presence of reindeer.

Following these tips can preserve the harmony between the reindeer, the Sámi and nature.

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