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Russia has launched an invasion of Ukraine. Below you find information from the Swedish authorities about what is going on in the region right now and advice on how to manage your concerns.

Collected information from reliable sources about the current situation

Information about the war in Ukraine and how it affects Sweden:

Information about Sweden for those who are seeking asylum or recently have received a residence permit

Support and help

If you feel anxious
The situation in Euorpa can create a feeling of anxiety. Sometimes it can be nice to talk to someone about how it feels. There are several organizations in Sweden that offer support by phone, chat or e-mail. Through the following link you can get advice on how to act:

Children and young people are particularly vulnerable
Children and young people are particularly vulnerable and may have many thoughts about what is happening in the world right now. It is important that you as an adult think about how you talk to children who feel and express anxiety. Through the following link you can get advice on how:

Migration and refugee reception
Migration Agency has collected information about the situation in Ukraine and information to people seeking refuge in Sweden due to the conflict. Boden is the nearest service center for applying for temporary protection under the Mass Directive.

Emergency preparedness

How do you prepare for a crisis situation?
Prepare to be able to manage on your own for at least three days. Being self-sufficient for three days does not mean that the crisis is over, it can take weeks or months before everyday life works normally again, but it gives you time to think about your situation to be able to make important decisions.

The brochure "If Crisis or War Comes" describes how those of us who live in Sweden can become better prepared for the consequences of serious accidents, extreme weather, IT attacks or military conflicts. 
In addition to English, the brochure "If crises or war comes" has been translated into several other languages.