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From fjord to high mountains

Gränsleden - Rádjebálges – Grenseleden -

A trail between Áhkajàvrre in Gellivare municipality, Sweden  and  Sörfjorden in Tysfjord municipality in Norway. The route crosses the Swedish / Norwegian border thus giving the path its’ name.

The restoration of the trail has been funded by the EU Interreg project between Sweden and Norway and was officially opened in August 2007. Sörkaitum Same organisation is also a partner in this project. The projects aim is to build an infrastructure including building bridges, wind shelters and toilets. As the path is not well trodden it has been marked with large stones and in forested areas with coloured markers attached to the trees. Along the route there are also distance markers.
On the Norwegian side there are wind shelters, toilets and several small overnight cabins. Five bridges allow access over rivers on route.

Extension of the Trail from Ritsem to the west end of Lake Áhkajávvre is completed.

The  Trail - Rádjebálges is now marked from Ritsem  to the west  for a distance of about 20 km.

In the middle of this stretch is the rest area "Sievgok" with shelter and toilets.

A suspension bridge has been completed over Ubmasjåhkå.

The newly renovated trail leads to the rest area Väständan where it meets the earlier marked trail and then onwards to Sörfjorden in Norway.

The total stretch of the trail is now approx. 65 km.

Pay attention to the markings of the trail when it is newly marked as in some places is is not well trodden