Life in Sweden


Good to know when you move to Sweden

How can I register myself to authorities in Sweden? How can I get information about where to live, bank account, drivers license ect? What are my rights? Can I vote?

For those who are planning to move to Sweden there are always many questions to be addressed. We have gathered some sources that provide answers to practical issues here:

Discover Sweden is the official site of Sweden. Here you can discover the facts and stories of our country.

Move to Sweden

There is many things you need to arrange before you thake the step and move. Here you can find some help about Find a home, daycare and school, and much more...

Plan your move
Residence in Sweden

Work in Sweden

Learn more about the the Swedish labour market and how to get a work permit.

Work in Sweden

Study in Sweden

Learn more about study in Sweden at universities and higher education.

Study in Sweden

Education in Swedish for immigrants (SFI) is a course for adult immigrants who want to learn the basics of the Swedish language.

Swedish for immigrants

Healthcare in Sweden

All Swedish residents are entitled to tax-subsidised healthcare, an approach that aims to make healthcare affordable to everyone.

Healthcare in Sweden
Information about healthcare systems
Medical care guide 1177

Right to vote?

Here you can find information about the Swedish election system, who and when your have the right to vote.

Voting in Swedish elections

Social benefits

The Swedish welfare system is extensive but complex, with different benefits at different times,

Social benefits
Children and families in Sweden

Swedish Citizen

When you have lived in Sweden for several years, you may apply for Swedish citizenship.

Becoming a Swedish Citizen
Moving to someone in Sweden 
For EU/EES -Citizens
Protection and asylum in Sweden

Visiting Sweden

If you are visiting Sweden and are a citizen of a non-EU country, you may need a visa.

Apply for an alien's passport or travel documents

Bank and identity card

Bank cards
Identity card
Drivers licence